Nicola Jane Gabriel Art | Nottingham

My name is Nicola and I'm an up and coming intuitive abstract painter! I create and hoard delicious art and all things bright and colourful in my home studio, nuzzled in a small town outside of Nottingham in the UK!

Colour is a big component of my painting expression. I use colour to express my subconscious goings on, an ever-changing daily expression of intuitive shapes, sceneries, characters and emotions.

Many influences come to me from a love of aquatic worlds, colour therapy, dreamscapes, folk tales, calligraphy, Egon Schiele, Stanley William Hayter, David LaChapelle, anime, mythology, surrealism, cartoons, psychedelia and rorschach tests all plunged from my mind into each painting.

Thank you for having an explore around my shop! I hope you enjoy what I am working on 💜

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